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Free Online Course where you’ll learn essential Life Skills.

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Buddy Support

Skilled, responsible and seasoned instructors review your feedback and assist in your journey of self-discovery. These people have walked the Desteni I Process for years and will support you with their experience.

Apply Everyday

What you learn is designed to be applicable in your daily life. You will assist and support yourself in overcoming anxieties, boredom, relationship friction and more. You’ll understand your problem in detail and specificity and apply the correction accordingly.

Easy to Use

Do you know how to read and write? That’s all you need to enjoy this course. You’ll browse the course material and submit your feedback on this website on your PC, Mac, tablet or any other device with internet connection.

Interview with Liz—DIP Lite Participant

How does this course work practically?

As you sign up, you immediately have access to the first lesson.

The course material is presented as short to medium sized web pages. We've written it to be as simple and concise as possible. It’s easy to pick up and follow.

We also included images to illustrate the points we’re explaining.

Almost every page includes a simple feedback form.

Your feedback is an essential part of the Desteni I Process course. The Personal Support Buddy - which is assigned to you automatically when you sign up - will review your feedback and assist you with your understanding and application.

You can easily communicate with your buddy through posting comments on each lesson step. When something is not clear - you just ask.

When you have a new comment or your assignment has been reviewed, we notify you by email.

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We hope you learn something cool and enjoy yourself in the process.

DIP Team

It is also possible to walk this course in Dutch. There is a Dutch translation available within the course and there are Dutch Buddies who can assist you.

Het is ook mogelijk om deze cursus in het Nederlands te volgen. Er is een Nederlandse vertaling aanwezig binnenin de cursus en er zijn Nederlandstalige Buddies die je kunnen assisteren.

It is also possible to walk this course in Chinese. There is a Chinese translation available within the course and there are Chinese Buddies who can assist you.

你也可以使用中文行走這個課程。 我們在課程裡中提供中文翻譯並且有中文夥伴可以協助你。